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Inside Out: Lawns in Pakistani Homes

From those of you who believe you can spend generous sums of money on the interior of your homes and completely or even partially ignore the green lawns attached to your properties, I beg to differ. I personally believe that the lawn, perceived by some to be an irrelevant part of the house, is the prime form of advertisement for what a person can find inside.

Hence, an unsymmetrical, lop-sided lawn with ugly plants and overgrown grass is pretty much symbolic of a disorganised interior, or perhaps even a disorganised life. While I hate to be cynical or judgmental, I have often found that the manner in which a person has tended to their lawn is representative of the manner in which they have organised or tended to other things in their life. An unruly and unpleasant lawn is often associated with an unruly life with problems, unpleasant tempers, or even psychological problems, preventing a person from seeing the state that they have left their property in.

For those of you who have simply not found the time to care for your lawn because of overburdening responsibilities and lack of time, there is no need to be offended. While I am coming across as highly emotional about lawns, you can forgive me because I understand and acknowledge fully that there are other reasons for there to be unkempt lawns, and lack of time is the most common one. However, those of you who simply neglect their lawns, please think of it this way.

An absolutely delightful and beautiful gift, wrapped in the most unattractive and flimsy packaging may lose its lustre. All the more reason that businesses often pay a lot of attention to the way they package and present their products to the consumer. No matter how good your heart is, you often do want to be seen as presentable. All the more reason for you to apply makeup and use appropriate clothes to package yourself and make your personality shine manifold. In the same manner, consider your lawn to be the packaging or the makeup for your house and consider it an essential element in beautifying the place you call home.

So before you start to accuse me of a ton of criticism and no hardcore advice, here are a few ways you can ensure your lawn at least appears presentable.

Mow it

Yes, you need to give your lawn a regular haircut and at least ensure that the grass is kept at an appropriate length. You do not want people to think you have abandoned your home or, you know, gnomes have taken over it or something.


What if one of your ears was 6 foot long while the other was just 6 centimetres? The frightening image that just popped up in your head should tell you why symmetry is important if you do not want things to look ridiculous. No matter what plants you add to your lawn, make sure they are kept in symmetrical form and are aligned properly. Having plants randomly growing from various nooks and crannies is appropriate for a jungle, not for a lawn.

A Bit of Colour

We aren’t living in a black and white world, or a green one for that matter. Add a bit of colour to your lawn by at least planting a few flowers or adding some colourful plants. It will jazz up your mood as well, and you will likely be found gliding through your outdoor area with a dreamy look on your face. Or something close to that. You get the picture.

So these were just some tips to make sure your lawn is presentable, and there are tons of other things you can do to beautify it further. You can add plenty of different types of flowers, a fountain, lawn chairs and tables, lawn statues, and numerous other things depending on what your budget allows.

However, let’s appreciate nature and make sure we spend at least half the time on our lawn that we spend on the interiors of our homes. So go grab that lawn mower and get going!


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